Strategic Goal Four

To promote social-economic skills through entrepreneurship training and financial literacy knowledge.

To generate a platform for the young people in the region who are involved in the entrepreneurship process and those willing to be job creators. To create a complete support structure tool for the youth and adolescents, to secure place that provides a much-needed socialization space by creating social cohesion where young people come together to share their experiences leading to social awareness.

To ensure the youth involved in entrepreneurship are protected, able to enhance gender equity by helping young women and men. ACOYDE plans to engage the youth in community sensitization about creativity and innovations so, that they can learn from other experienced youth. Trainings on innovation management, income generation activities, helping them to make informed decisions. Trainings in the livelihood skills and helping them start off on the path up to financial independence. To generate a policy where young mentors are able to mentor fellow young people involved in the same business and those willing to start businesses in the same category.