Strategic Goal Three

To promote sexuality education and Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) among young people.

Despite the efforts that have been put forward in promoting Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights among the adolescents and young generation. The adolescents and youth of Uganda continue to be vulnerable, ACOYDE has developed a programme where young people have to come up and share experiences, learn and be trained by the advocates/ambassadors on sex education, sexual Rights and other related health issues. ACOYDE strongly believes that if the youth are empowered to participate at various leadership levels in the community, then the resulting powers, plans, developments and budgets would favor and strengthen youth empowerment process in relation to accessing sexual reproductive Health in Uganda.

Adolescents and young people represent the future of every society. Better education and public health measures can be hugely beneficial to their health and development (Lancet, 2012). For most adolescents and young people, this period of their lives is a time of enormous vibrancy, discovery, innovation and hope. Adolescence is also the time when puberty takes place, when many young people initiate their first romantic and sexual relationships, when risk-taking is heightened and ‘fitting in’ with peers becomes very important. It can also be a challenging time for young people, who are becoming aware of their sexual and reproductive rights and needs, and who rely on their families, peers, schools and health service providers for affirmation, advice, information and the skills to navigate the sometimes-difficult transition to adulthood. This transition may catalyze a range of challenges including HIV infection, other sexually transmitted infections (STIs), unintended pregnancy, low education attainment or dropping out of education and training. These problems relating to physical health and other non-health issues may also be associated with a set of psycho-social problems that can impact negatively on the development and welfare of young people, particularly for young women. While boys and young men gain rights and social power in this transition to adulthood, in contrast, girls and young women growing up in many societies lose their rights and struggle to build the assets they need for later life.